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that are disruptive innovative passionate authentic purposeful

gbi is leading the revolution in talent-led brands in beauty and fashion

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who we are

by talent

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we are an incubator platform designed to identify, develop, and launch breakthrough beauty and fashion brands in partnership with top creative talent around the globe

our mission is to revolutionize talent-led brands in beauty and fashion, establishing our incubator as the leading choice for talent seeking to launch cutting-edge concepts in key white space categories

we believe creative talent build the greatest brands, and we employ a unique strategy from our years in the artist-representation business, working collaboratively with talent to bring their vision to marketable fruition

our values


we partner with the world’s leading talents in beauty and fashion, each respected in the industry for establishing the creative vision for some of the world’s largest brands


we thrive to bring to market disruptive and innovative concepts and products that address white spaces and push market expectations


we breathe passion into everything we do, bringing together founders and partners who share a genuine ambition to change the market


we build brands rooted in honesty and authenticity, with founders who care deeply about customers’ expectations, employing business practices that seek a better world

our process

we’ve developed a multi-layered playbook for incubating and launching brands

we work with our industry-leading partners to build brands in a four-phase process, which covers creating the brand identity, product development, marketing, and forming the company infrastructure

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